Edward (Rogue) Application

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Edward (Rogue) Application

Post  Edward on Thu Apr 22, 2010 9:35 pm

- In real Life information -

Age: 20
Gender: Male
Country: Brazil
Timezone: GMT -3
Activity (How many hours do you play each week / day): About 4-8 hours a day.
Can you attend atleast 2 nights per week 19.00-23.00 (Server Time = GMT+1): Yes, 19:00 - 23:00 in server means 14:00-18:00 in Brazil, and I'm usually on at this time everyday. So I would probably be able to attend more than 2 times a week.

Raid Experience on Retail Pre-TBC: AQ20 cleared, AQ40 cleared, BWL cleared, Onyxia down, High Priest Venoxis and High Priestess Jeklik on ZG down, got to the four horseman in naxx, then TBC came up and the guild pretty much disbanded after a while. We never got past the four horseman...

Raid Experience on Private servers Pre-TBC: Cleared all classic/TBC instances and raids at least once in privates. Not the WotLK ones though.

Raid Experience in TBC on Retail: Didn't raided on TBC, only made a few 5mans in hellfire and zangar and /ragequitted (like a considerable part of my guild) when i saw greens and blues in outlands were better than epics in azeroth.

Raid Experience in Wotlk on Retail: Absolutely none, didn't even done much of the WotLK content on privates.

- In game information -

Name: Edward
Class: Rogue
Talent Build: Assas/Sub hybrid, I'm pretty satisfied with my current DPS, it ranges from 200 to 400 depending on the target's armor, but I'm whilling to respec if necessary.
Attunements: MC attuned
Gear info (Attack Power / Crit Chance / Spell damage / + Healing / Mana per 5 seconds WHILE casting / Health / Mana): Attack power ranges from 480 to 600+ depending on the gear I currently have on, Crit right now is 19.85%+, Health ranges from 2993 to 3400+ again depending on what gear I'm using at the moment.

- Other information -
What are your goals with playing on this server?
Having fun of course, regarding gaming interests I'm a balanced player; I'm a big PvP enthusiast and at the same time I just love doing raids, especially AQ and Naxx.

Will you remain guild faithfull during hard times?
I don't tend to leave any guild I join, no matter what. On the server I joined Internet Dragon Slayers, but the Guild Leader itself said to me "this guild isn't going anywhere" and that's where I draw the line, as long as the remaining guild members still believe the guild have a future I'll not leave.

Will you accept wiping 5-10 times on a boss on a progression run? Yes, as I did before. I do not /ragequit on wipes, that's just childish. I understand WoW is just a game and I take wipes pretty calmly, sometimes on humorous ways

Will you get a profession up to 300? If so wich one?
Already have, Elemental Leatherworking 300/300, and I can craft epic, I'm only low on mats right now.

Will you bring consumables to the raids? (Pots & Elixirs):
Well, assuming I have them, of course. The thing is; while elixirs are key items in some fights I'm not an alchemist nor do I have an alchemist alt, also the AH isn't reliable here, so I'll need someone else to make me the elixirs. The real question isn't if I'll bring them, but if I'll have them. I wouldn't forget to bring elixirs to a raid, nor would I be lazy about getting them.

Can you download TeamSpeak2 & Listen to the tactics during raids?
Yes I can, no problem at all with that.

Can you talk on TS2 (do you have a working mic)?
No I can't, at least not for now, my mic is broken. I intend on getting one asap though.

Will you remain active on this char and not play lots of alts?
I have alts, but I don't spend time on them, only when I need to farm something and such. So, no, I'll not play lots of alts.


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Re: Edward (Rogue) Application

Post  Shamai on Sat Apr 24, 2010 2:06 pm

Also we will see on monday what exactly we need, so then i will reply again here.

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