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Snookums; Holy Priest

Post  Snookums on Sat Apr 24, 2010 7:52 pm

- In real Life information -

Age : 20
Gender : Male
Country : Belgium
Timezone : GMT +1 (Brussels, paris)= WoW time
Activity (How many hours do you play each week / day) : like 4-6 hours/day, less in the weekends due to GF.
Can you attend atleast 2 nights per week 19.00-23.00 (Server Time = GMT+1) : At the very least

Raid Experience on Retail Pre-TBC : Protection Warrior up to C'thun

Raid Experience on Private servers Pre-TBC : Haven't raided yet on Private Server

Raid Experience in TBC on Retail : Protection Warrior up to Sunwell

Raid Experience in Wotlk on Retail : Protection paladin up to ICC

- In game information -

Name : Snookums
Class : Priest
Talent Build : 21/30/0
Attunements : Molten Core, Onyxia, haven't managed UBRS due to fail groups..
Gear info: Health: 2377
Mana: 5041
+ Healing: +266 (Just from gear, talents add tho these but my addon that shows it won't work :>)
MP5: 34

- Other information -
What is your goals with playing on this server : To relive old school raiding
Will you remain guild faithfull during hard times? : I've always did in the past
Will you accept wiping 5-10 times on a boss on a progression run? : Ofcourse
Will you get a profession up to 300? If so wich one : Enchanting and Alchemy
Will you bring consumables to the raids? (Pots & Elixirs) : Ofcourse
Can you download TeamSpeak2 & Listen to the tactics during raids ? : Already installed
Can you talk on TS2 (do you have a working mic) ? : Yes
Will you remain active on this char and not play lots of alts? : Yes

I can still get some improvements in my gear and I am certainly planning on getting those asap Smile

Kind regards,



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Re: Snookums; Holy Priest

Post  Shamai on Sat Apr 24, 2010 11:11 pm

Nice application, we will talk ingame...

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