Resto druid

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Resto druid

Post  Traveler on Sat Apr 24, 2010 7:59 pm

Age : 19 years old this summer
Gender : Male
Country : Sweden
Timezone : GMT+1
Activity (How many hours do you play each week / day) : Pretty much depends on what day it is, but i mostly play around 6-8 hours a day, sometimes moar @ weekends :ยค
Can you attend atleast 2 nights per week 19.00-23.00 (Server Time = GMT+1) : Without a doubt i could.

Raid Experience on Retail Pre-TBC : ZG Cleared, AQ20 Cleared, MC Cleared, Ony cleared, BWL Cleared, AQ40 up to bug family and none in naxx im afraid :<

Raid Experience on Private servers Pre-TBC : ZG and AQ20 with non scripted bosses (HURRAY! -.-) and that did not satisfy me at all.

Raid Experience in TBC on Retail : Everything up to Kil'Jaeden, got him to 13% on our last week of raiding before WOTLK, the guild collapsed after that Sad

Raid Experience in Wotlk on Retail : Started off with naxx being a piece of cake (If it wasn't for the lagg, gosh!) Then cleared Ulduar, everything xcept 1 light in the dark and algalon, ToC10 & 25 Cleared, ToC 10HC Cleared insanity, ToC25 HC anub 25%.
ICC 10 up to Lichking 66%. ICC10 HC Gunship down (\o/) Icc25 up to sindragosa.
- In game information -

Name : Traveler
Class : Druid
Talent Build : Restoration
Attunements : None at this time.
Gear info (Attack Power / Crit Chanse / Spell damage / + Healing / Mana per 5 seconds WHILE casting / Health / Mana) :

Health: 2733
Mana: 3889
+Healing: 41
Mp5: 26

Even tho the gear is kinda poor, i think its more important to get a skilled and active player then a player with gear, since its harder to find skilled and active people then it is to find people with gear ;3

- Other information -
What is your goals with playing on this server : I want to "Re live" the old days of world of warcraft as good as i can, as i've been searching through servers i've never found one with this great potential.
Will you remain guild faithfull during hard times? : Always have and always will, i think it's sad how people betray and leave guilds just because they feel like it's the "easy way out" instead of trying to help out with the situation and to play as one again.
Will you accept wiping 5-10 times on a boss on a progression run? : Been loning for it ;o <3
Will you get a profession up to 300? If so wich one : The profession of your choise, what would suit the guild best.
Will you bring consumables to the raids? (Pots & Elixirs) : Sure will.
Can you download TeamSpeak2 & Listen to the tactics during raids ? : Haven't ever used teamspeak2 Before, but have been on ventrilo for my whole computer career so i guess i'll manage ;D
Can you talk on TS2 (do you have a working mic) ? : Yeps.
Will you remain active on this char and not play lots of alts? : I will remain active on my main and my main only, don't like spending time on alts.

If there is anything else you would like to ask me, feel free to whisper ingame or just reply here:)

// Best regards Traveler


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Re: Resto druid

Post  Shamai on Sat Apr 24, 2010 11:14 pm

Well, we already have active geared ppl with decent skill, and now we need some1 with less then 3 green, we can't invite green ppl....but if you are active like you wrote in application then you can get that gear in 2-3 days and then write reply here on this thread, i wont lock it....

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