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Restoration Shaman

Post  Havoc on Sun Apr 25, 2010 9:00 am

- In real Life information -

Age : 17
Gender : Male
Country : Croatia
Timezone : +1GMT
Activity (How many hours do you play each week / day) : 3-4hrs Until I'm done with gymnasium than I can be whole day on
Can you attend atleast 2 nights per week 19.00-23.00 (Server Time = GMT+1) : Yes, No problems

Raid Experience on Retail Pre-TBC : ZG/MC/AQ20/BWL/AQ40/All world bosses

Raid Experience on Private servers Pre-TBC : This is first private server I play

Raid Experience in TBC on Retail : Kara/Gruul/ZA/TK/SSC/BT/SWP

Raid Experience in Wotlk on Retail : Just some heroic dungeons if that means anything and than I stopped
- In game information -
Name : Havoc
Class : Shaman
Talent Build : 0/5/46
Attunements : Mc, Bwl
Gear info (Attack Power / Crit Chanse / Spell damage /285 + Healing / 35 Mana per 5 seconds WHILE casting /3340 Health/5280 Mana) :

- Other information -
What is your goals with playing on this server : Play for fun and refresh old experience
Will you remain guild faithfull during hard times? : Ofc I will
Will you accept wiping 5-10 times on a boss on a progression run? : No problem
Will you get a profession up to 300? If so wich one : LW 300 Skining 300
Will you bring consumables to the raids? (Pots & Elixirs) : Yes ofc
Can you download TeamSpeak2 & Listen to the tactics during raids ? : Yes I can
Can you talk on TS2 (do you have a working mic) ? : I got working mic and I will speak if needed
Will you remain active on this char and not play lots of alts? : I won't play on alts


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